The Business Services Division (BSD) supports 小蓝视频 as the intermediary agency between the state of California, and Local Education Agencies (LEA’s). BSD provides compliance services and direct support services to 小蓝视频 school districts and local education agencies in business management. BSD delivers a wide range of support and assistance, including financial compliance and review, direct fiscal support, facilities management, and information technology services.

Business Services Departments

District Business Services

District Business Services (DBS) provides compliance services related to financial reporting, Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) review and employee retirement reporting county-wide. DBS is a resource to local education agencies providing information, guidance, and training. District Business Services also provides direct support services to local education agencies in areas such as financial software management, budget development, student data reporting, and cash management.

Facilities Services

Facilities Services provides custodial and maintenance services at all locations operated by 小蓝视频. Facility Services is responsible for room reservations and conference room set-ups. They support school districts through daily delivery service to school districts county-wide. Facilities Services also provides direct services to Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) in the area of environmental stewardship with a goal of sustainable educational facilities and construction practices county-wide.

Integrated Technology Services

Integrated Technology Services (ITS) provides technology support services to users of 小蓝视频 hosted business systems including network and applications access, security, payroll and accounts payable generation and production, and reports generation and distribution. ITS also provides Internet services and cyber security consulting to districts on a contract basis. Learn more about Integrated Technology Services for school districts.

Recent Financial Reports

If you would like to access 小蓝视频's approved budget from an earlier year, please contact Jean Corpuz at or (650) 802-5511.


2023-24 Adopted Budget


22-23 Adopted Budget
First Interim Report
Second Interim Report


2021-22 Adopted Budget
First Interim Report
Second Interim Report

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Internal Business Services

Internal Business Services (IBS) provides services in the areas of budgeting, financial accounting, and payroll. IBS is responsible for all internal financial matters and provides financial operational support to all of the programs and services operated by 小蓝视频. This includes performing specialized administrative functions to support programs funded by state, federal, and local entities.  The IBS Department ensures the County Office of Education complies with federal and state requirements, education codes, Board policies, administrative regulations, and California Education Code and maintains fiscal solvency.

Kevin J. Bultema

Deputy Superintendent, Business Services


Phone: (650) 802-5511

Jean Corpuz

Executive Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5511

Dhanya Unni

Executive Director, District Business Services


Phone: (650) 802-5517

Minette Manio

Executive Director, Internal Business Services


Phone: (650) 802-5602

Rich Maldonado

Manager, Facilities


Phone: (650) 802-5693


Chief Technology Officer, Integrated Technology Services


Phone: (650) 802-5579