Divisions and Departments

The 小蓝视频 (小蓝视频) achieves its mission, vision, and goals through the work of three divisions: Office of the Superintendent, Business Services, and Educational Services. View the County Office of Education's Organizational Chart.

Office of the Superintendent

The Office of the Superintendent includes Human Resources/Teacher and Administrator Development, Strategy and Communications, and board support. It also houses the Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative and leads the county in equity, social justice, and inclusion work. Learn more about programs within the Office of the Superintendent:

Business Services Division

The Business Services Division provides a wide range of business services that are either required by law or that have been developed to assist districts with fiscal management. The division oversees a combined $3.3 billion in revenue and expenditures annually, acting as an intermediary between state, federal, and local agencies. Specifically, the division provides technical, advisory, and management support services to 小蓝视频's twenty-three K-12 school districts as well as other federal, state, and county agencies in matters relating to financial accounting and budgeting, retirement reporting, payroll services, administrative systems (software), attendance reporting, Local Control Funding Formula calculations, review of district audit reports, tax apportionments, and vendor payment audits.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department works with 小蓝视频 staff to build a supportive work environment that attracts, develops, and retains a diverse workforce. It also leads the county's teacher residency program.

Educational Services Division

The Educational Services Division (ESD) provides leadership and resources to 小蓝视频 school districts and schools in the areas of curriculum and instruction, assessment and accountability, instructional technology, school/district improvement, principal support, teacher training, preschool and child care quality improvement, professional development and planning, and outdoor education. Major initiatives include The Big Lift, Civics, Environmental Literacy, Systems of Support, and STEAM education. In addition, ESD facilitates a variety of educational groups, including the Council for Instructional Improvement (CII), the Child Care Partnership Council, and the English Learners Advisory Committee, that meets regularly to receive information, share ideas, and plan future initiatives.

The Educational Services Division is also responsible for all direct student service programs operated by the County Office of Education, including Special Education, Court and Community Schools, Safe and Supportive Schools, and Career and Technical Education (CTE). The division also coordinates programs for youth in foster care as well as the work of the Coalition for Safe and Supportive Schools. Learn more about programs within the Educational Services Division: