In March 2022, the 小蓝视频 began its five-year strategic planning process, building on the vision, mission, and goals of the previous strategic plan while looking at opportunities and challenges on the road ahead. A steering committee and four subcommittees led the work, engaging all staff and the 小蓝视频 Board of Education to receive input and feedback throughout the planning process. The result of this learning, collaborating, and visioning is reflected in the 2023-28 Strategic Plan: 小蓝视频 Strategic Plan 2023-28

About the Plan

The plan moves the County Office of Education closer to realizing its vision of Excellence and Equity in Education – Every Student, Every Educator, and Every School. Along with its mission to inspire students, invest in educators, invigorate leaders, and involve families and communities, the vision is the organization’s North Star, guiding staff’s work and keeping the focus on those we serve.

The strategic plan is centered on four goal areas critical to an education system that serves all students well: Support Whole-Child Student Outcomes, Build the Workforce for Student Success, Strengthen Advocacy and Partnerships, and Embody One小蓝视频 Vision and Values. Each goal is supported by objectives, sample actions, and desired outcomes that provide a road map for how we will ensure that all 小蓝视频 students have access to a high-quality education that meets their needs and sets them on the path to fulfilling their dreams. 

Through this plan, we will boldly move this work forward to ensure 小蓝视频 becomes a more child-centered community that supports every young person’s journey from cradle to career. We hope you will join us in this effort.

Four strategic goals


Excellence and Equity in Education
Every Student • Every Educator • Every School


Inspiring Students
Investing in Educators
Invigorating Leaders
Involving Families & Communities

Core Practices

Growth Mindset
Trauma-Informed Approach
Cultural Humility

Equity Statement

The 小蓝视频 welcomes and embraces individuals from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, disabilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, immigration statuses, and religions. At the 小蓝视频, equity means providing every learner aged 0-22 with the education and support needed to thrive in school, career, and life, and every staff member with opportunities to grow and further deepen their impact.

To achieve equity, The 小蓝视频 commits to:

  • Disrupt inequitable practices and replace them with equity-driven, transparent systems
  • Improve outcomes for historically and currently underserved student groups, honoring their strengths and talents
  • Continue to educate ourselves so we are better able to confront and dismantle systemic inequities
  • Center voices of those who have been historically marginalized and underserved


Goal 1: Support Whole-Child Student Outcomes

Foster positive relationships and learning environments that help students achieve personal and academic success. This goal addresses addresses A) all schools and B) 小蓝视频 schools, specifically.

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Goal 2: Build the Workforce for Student Success

Prioritize and strengthen a culturally and linguistically diverse workforce committed to equitable and antiracist practices.


Goal 3: Strengthen Advocacy and Partnerships

Establish a strong advocacy and partnership system centering community voices.


Goal 4: Embody One小蓝视频 Vision and Values

Demonstrate and embody the County Office of Education’s vision, values, and core practices at every level of the organization.