California's system of support is one of the central components of California’s accountability and continuous improvement system. Its goals are to reduce redundancy across state and federal programs, integrate guidance and resources across state and federal programs, and support LEAs to meet identified student needs through the LCAP process.

Levels of Support

Based upon student performance in each indicator on the California School Dashboard, local education agencies are eligible for three different levels of assistance within the statewide system of support.

Level One: Universal Support

The 小蓝视频 (小蓝视频) provides ongoing Level 1 general assistance to all districts to improve student performance at the LEA and school level and narrow disparities among student groups across the LCFF priorities. This assistance comes through training, workshops, coaching, and guidance for individual districts.

Level Two: Differentiated Assistance

With the Fall 2017 release of the California School Dashboard, 小蓝视频 began providing Level 2 differentiated assistance to five districts. This assistance varies from district to district, with 小蓝视频 staff working alongside district personnel to identify key challenges and opportunities. 小蓝视频 employs a systematic approach to address locally identified needs and strengths and engage local educators and communities in decision-making.

Level Three: Intensive Intervention

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction may require more intensive interventions for LEAs with persistent performance issues and a lack of improvement over a specified time period.

Joy Dardenelle

Executive Director, Systems for District Improvement


Phone: (650) 802-5315