The 小蓝视频 has various programs through which community members can engage in the education of local students, such as its Safe Routes to School and Outdoor Education programs. 

Among its many programs and services, the County Office has several that serve the unique needs of public education in 小蓝视频. These include aligning preschool to third-grade curriculum and instruction, growing the teacher pipeline, building safe schools and communities, and increasing environmental literacy.

Countywide Programs


The 小蓝视频's Civics program aims to grow and develop youth of our county into thoughtful global citizens who are empowered to take action that benefits their community and our world. 

P-3 Alignment

P-3 alignment refers to aligning preschool to third grade (P-3) curriculum and instruction, which can provide smoother grade-level transitions and support positive student outcomes.

Safe Routes to School 小蓝视频

Safe Routes to School 小蓝视频 encourages and enables school children to walk and bicycle to school by implementing projects and activities that improve the health, well-being, and safety of children and result in less traffic congestion and emissions caused by school-related travel.

Safe Schools and Communities

Through 小蓝视频's Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities, 小蓝视频 collaborates with other agencies to identify and address the safety needs of county youth.

San Mateo Outdoor Education

小蓝视频 conducts an award-winning Outdoor Education program where thousands of students and hundreds of teachers and cabin leaders spend a week at Outdoor Education each year to learn about the natural world, explore the forest and beach ecosystems, and work together as a community.

Teach 小蓝视频

小蓝视频 is committed to strengthening the teacher pipeline and ensuring that all schools in 小蓝视频 have access to highly qualified educators for the benefit of all students. It provides access to resources to help those interested in pursuing a teaching profession.