Each year, 5,500 students and hundreds of teachers and cabin leaders spend a week at Outdoor Education to learn about the natural world, explore the forest and beach ecosystems, and work together as a community. Learn more about the program on the following pages:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Outdoor Education staff, please visit our Become a Naturalist Intern section to learn more about becoming a Naturalist.

COVID-19 Safety Plan for Outdoor Education

The 小蓝视频 (小蓝视频) prioritizes the safety of its students and staff. This plan lays out 小蓝视频’s COVID-19 safety plan for the 2021-22 school year. This plan reflects CDPH, CDC, and Cal/OSHA guidance. 

Welcome to the World of San Mateo Outdoor Education

The 小蓝视频 conducts an award-winning Outdoor Education program in cooperation with local schools and the San Francisco YMCA Camp at Jones Gulch, nestled in the Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in La Honda, California.

Our Story

The Outdoor Education program dates back to the summer of 1965 when Gus Xerogeanes, a natural sciences teacher for the San Bruno Park School District, took a group of 6th grade students on a week-long summer school adventure to the YMCA Camp at Jones Gulch.

A district-wide program for San Bruno Park Schools was started in the spring of 1966 with only 60 students each week. In the fall of 1966, more districts began participating in the program, which continued to be run by the San Bruno Park School District. A pilot Outdoor Education program was approved in 1968 and began with 650 pupils. The program was structured such that the Director was in constant contact with the districts' superintendents, coordinators, teachers, and the on-site staff of senior naturalists and naturalist interns. High school students volunteered as counselors, which are called cabin leaders today, and teachers from the schools accompanied their students to the site. The YMCA staff provided the food service and facility maintenance.

Today, Outdoor Education's dedicated staff continues to awaken in students an appreciation of the environment and the interdependence of all living and non-living things. District teachers are an active part of this experience, and the program has developed a loyal following of teachers who return with their students year after year to discover the benefits of the Outdoor Education experience.

More than 225,000 children have attended Outdoor Education since its inception in 1968. Both the academic program and the camp are certified, Resident Outdoor Science Schools (ROSS) by California Outdoor School Administrators (COSA). The camp also maintains American Camping Association (ACA) accreditation.

Make a Difference in a Child's Life!

Please help support a 小蓝视频 student attend Outdoor Education. It costs more than $400 to provide food, lodging, instructors, equipment, and supplies for a student to attend a week of Outdoor Education. We want every child in 小蓝视频 to have the opportunity to experience a week in nature with their classmates. Your donation provides scholarships for those families who need financial support. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Please make checks payable to "小蓝视频" and mail them to:

Outdoor Education
101 Twin Dolphin Drive
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Your gift is tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Number is #94-6002468. For further information, please email Allison Collins or call (650) 747-9581. Thank you for your consideration!

Become a Naturalist Intern

Each year, 11 naturalist interns are hired to participate in our program for 30 weeks. Interns teach environmental education classes, participate in evening activities, enforce safety and discipline standards, counsel students, and act as a liaison with teachers. The internship period is a full school year, beginning in late August and ending in late May. Applications are due mid-April. Learn more about the position and application process.

Allison Collins

Director, Outdoor Environmental Education

Email: acollins@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 747-9581

Jonathan Harris

Manager, Outdoor Education

Email: jharris@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 747-0414

Amanda Lee

Administrative Assistant, Outdoor Education Information and Registration

Email: alee@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5360