County Committee on School District Organization (CCSDO)

The County Committee on School District Organization (CCSDO) is an independent, 11-member elected body charged by the State to study and make recommendations and decisions on school district reorganization; establishing, rearranging, and abolishing trustee areas; and changing the number of governing board members.  The committee's responsibilities include revising its countywide Master Plan for school district organization.  An action to reorganize school districts can refer to any one of the following:

  1. Transfer of territory between/among school districts;
  2. School district unification or deunification; 
  3. Dissolution or lapsation of a school district; 
  4. Annexation of all or part of one district to another district;
  5. Establishment/abolishment of trustee areas and increase/decrease in the number of trustees; and 
  6. Formation of new districts of all types from territory of existing districts

CCSDO Membership

Committee members serve four-year terms. Members are elected by the voting representatives of each of the 23 school district governing boards, as well as the voting representative of the governing board of the community college district.  If district representatives fail to elect members to the committee, the County Superintendent may appoint the necessary number of members.  Committee member terms are staggered so that five or six members are elected in one year with the remainder elected in another year.  Committee members serve without pay.

  • Ten members represent the five 小蓝视频 , with two members representing each of the districts
  • One member is at-large
  • Often, individuals most interested in serving on the committee are past or current school board members
  • School board members are allowed by the CA Education Code to serve in a dual role, as an active School Board member and a committee member 

Current CCSDO Members

Name Supervisorial District Term Expires Fall
Dennis McBride At-Large 2025
Lynne Esselstein District 1 (Dave Pine) 2026
Mina Richardson District 1 (Dave Pine) 2026
Samuel Leinbach District 2 (Noelia Corzo) 2025
Ligia Andrade Zuñiga District 2 (Noelia Corzo) 2025
Rosie Tejada District 3 (Ray Mueller) 2026
Virginia Bamford District 3 (Ray Mueller) 2026
Hilary Paulson District 4 (Warren Slocum) 2025
Jenny Bloom District 4 (Warren Slocum) 2026
Lillian Markind District 5 (David Canepa) 2025
Bill Lock District 5 (David Canepa) 2026

CCSDO Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes, and Notices

CCSDO meetings are held on Mondays beginning at 7:00 p.m. and held at the 小蓝视频 (101 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065), unless noted otherwise.  Public hearings related to matters before the committee are held throughout the county as required by law.  Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or by a quorum of the committee.  Meetings are subject to the provisions of the Brown Act.

2024 CCSDO Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes, and Notices

Date Agendas, Public Hearing Notices, Cancellation Notices  Approved Minutes
January 8, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
February 5, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
March 4, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
April 1, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
May 6, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
June 10, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
July 8, 2024 Cancellation Notice n/a
August 5, 2024
September 9, 2024
October 7, 2024
TUESDAY, November 12, 2024 - GBR Meeting
TUESDAY, November 12, 2024 - Regular Meeting
December 2, 2024  

CCSDO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recent Territory Transfers

小蓝视频 Board of Education Trustee Area Map Redrawing Process

The CCSDO has completed the process of redrawing the maps for the 小蓝视频 Board of Education trustee areas.  The following documents and links are related to this process:


Transfer of Territory Handbook 

The CCSDO is charged by the State to study and make recommendations and decisions on school district reorganization. Transferring territory between/among school districts is one type of school district reorganization. The committee has developed the Transfer of Territory Handbook to clarify the process for submitting a petition to transfer territory.

Other Resources

Agendas, Minutes, and Completed Petitions Archive

Agendas and minutes prior to 2021, along with information regarding earlier completed petitions, are available upon request.  Please contact Alexandra Sheldon at (650) 802-5346.


Alexandra Sheldon

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5346