The 小蓝视频's Designated Subjects Career and Technical Education (CTE) Credential Program is offered to 小蓝视频 teachers who are looking to become effective, fully credentialed CTE instructors. It is delivered in partnership with the .

The program integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge and combines online coursework and in-person support to prepare educators to teach CTE courses. The preliminary credential is valid for three years and authorizes the holder to teach in the subject – also known as industry sector – in middle and high schools and in related courses developed for adults. Teachers can pursue a credential in one of 15 industry sectors, including:

Agriculture and Natural Resources  •  Arts, Media, and Entertainment  •  Building and Construction Trades  •  Business and Finance  •  Education, Child Development, and Family Services  •  Energy, Environment, and Utilities  •  Engineering and Architecture  •  Fashion and Interior Design  •  Health Science and Medical Technology  •  Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation  •  Information and Communication Technologies  •  Manufacturing and Product Development  •  Marketing Sales and Service  •  Public Services  •  Transportation

For more information about program requirements click the links below:

  • from CTE Credential Information Session 
  •  from CTE Credential Information Session 

Sharon Brown

Executive Director, College and Career Technical Education


Phone: (650) 802-5354