Teachers who have completed one of the following are eligible for the 小蓝视频 Teacher Induction Program:

  • Hold a California Preliminary Credential (renewal codes on Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Educational Specialist Preliminary Credentials indicate eligibility for clearing through Induction)
  • Have Out-of-State credentials and fewer than two years of teaching experience
  • Have one or more credentials from other countries
  • Have an Education Specialist Level I Credential

All Year One and New Year Two (teachers who completed their first year of Induction with another program and are transferring to 小蓝视频) Induction Teachers must attend one .

Application Process

If you hold a Preliminary or Level I Credential and have completed all of the requirements for clearing the credential as stated on your document, please follow the directions shown below. If you have completed your requirements using any method other than through our Teacher Induction Program, contact us at (650) 802-5384 regarding what process to use to file for your clear document.

  1. Complete an . It may be filled out by using your computer, then printed for signature.
  2. Add any documentation that is required for the clearing of your credential. If you look at your credential you will see a code along with an explanation of that code located at the bottom of the document. This code is your renewal code, and the statement next to it contains the requirements needed to clear your credential. Please email us if you have questions regarding the interpretation of the code.*
  3. Mail your application along with the applicable documentation to Valerie Flatt, Senior Credential Analyst, at the 小蓝视频 (101 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065). Do not send money at this time.
  4. Once your application is received, a Credential Analyst will review the documentation for completeness, verifying completion of Induction with the 小蓝视频 Teacher Induction Project staff. We will then make the recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for your clear credential. If it is found that additional information is needed during this process, one of our credential analysts will contact you.
  5. Once your recommendation has been submitted, CTC will send you an e-mail with the name - do not reply, which will request that you go online and provide additional information. You will pay the CTC Evaluation fee at this time by credit or debit card. The current fee charged for their evaluation is $72.50. The payment window for CTC’s system is a pop-up window. If your browser’s pop-up blocker is turned on, the window for payment will not be activated. Therefore, make certain that you have the pop-up blocker turned off before attempting to pay your fee.
  6. Once CTC has determined that you have met all the requirements to clear your credential, you will receive a Notice of Issuance via e-mail, indicating that CTC will be issuing your Clear document. You may go online at that time and print out the document for your records.
  7. It is a good idea to provide your employer with a copy of your document. Our office will receive a copy in the form of a download from the Commission, but your employer will not receive that download and so a copy will be helpful.

Things to remember: 

  • Course work is verified through official transcripts. A verified true copy of your transcripts is acceptable 
  • Exams are verified through your official Exam Scores. A copy is acceptable. 
  • CPR is verified with a verified true copy of the front and back of your Adult, Infant, & Child CPR Card. Be certain to sign the card if it has a place for you to do so. 
  • EL authorization is verified by a copy of your EL Credential (CLAD Certificate etc.) 
  • The credential analyst at your employing school district can sign the copies you wish to send thereby verifying their authenticity.
  • If the only requirement that you need to meet is to complete Teacher Induction, simply send the completed application form. No other documentation is required.
  • For Education Specialists who need to verify teaching experience, please take the 41-EXP form to your school district credential analyst for completion. Include it when you send the other application materials.

Griffith Montgomery

Coordinator, Teacher Induction - Education Specialist

Email: gmontgomery@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5445

Stacey Tisor

Coordinator, Teacher Induction-General Education

Email: stisor@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5365