Mentors are a key support in the development and retention of beginning teachers (i.e. Induction Candidates).  Every Induction Candidate will be matched with a Mentor within thirty days of the Candidate’s program enrollment (which, in most cases, is the date of attending an orientation to the program). Mentor matches are made with attention to credential type, grade level/subject area, and context. .

What Mentors Provide


Individual Coaching

Mentors provide regular contact with a Candidate that includes:  “just-in-time” coaching, observing instruction, collaboration with analyzing student work, and support with setting goals, lesson planning, obtaining resources and identifying other professional supports at the site or district. The mentor also encourages and assists candidates to connect with and become part of the larger professional learning community within the profession.

Confidential Relationships

小蓝视频 Teacher Induction Mentors do not share information with department chairs or site administrators in order to maintain a professional confidential relationship, separate from evaluation processes.


小蓝视频 Mentors support each candidate’s consistent practice of reflection on the effectiveness of instruction, analysis of student and other outcomes data, and the use of these data to further inform the repeated cycle of planning and instruction.

Criteria for Mentor Selection

Mentors are selected and hired for the position based on the following:

  • Candidates areas of need
  • Successful review of EdJoin Mentor application and interview
  • Having a minimum of five years of successful teaching experience and hold a valid clear California teaching credential.
  • Ability to and proof of demonstrating successful professional practices
  • Ability to meet the commitments and requirements outlined below:

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Build a confidential, trusting relationship with the Candidate
  • Support Candidate with the navigation of their school community
  • Meet with each Candidate a minimum of four hours per month and ensure that, on average, they receive a minimum of one hour of support from Mentor or colleagues on campus (ie. department/grade level meetings)
  • Coach and assist new teachers with curriculum development, classroom management, instructional strategies, and assessment of student performance and continual reflection on the efficacy of practice
  • Assist teachers in the development of the IILP (Individual Induction Learning Plan)
  • Communicate regularly with Teacher Induction program staff
  • Form a working relationship with site administration, but do not share information about the Candidate’s teaching practice or work
  • Participate in the 小蓝视频 Teacher Induction program evaluation process
  • Participate in professional development and collaborate with other 小蓝视频 Teacher Induction Program Mentors
  • Assist Education Specialist Candidates with developing practice regarding the IEP process and case management

Note: In the 小蓝视频 Teacher Induction program some mentors are hired directly by our partnering schools and districts and some are hired through 小蓝视频.

Winnie Hardie

Executive Director, Teacher and Administrator Development


Phone: (650) 802-5350

Vivian Matsuyama

Coordinator, Induction and Leadership


Phone: 650.802.5583