Each student deserves a well-prepared teacher, who, through the intentionality of relationships and instruction, is able to disrupt the pattern of inequity that exists in the classroom. The 小蓝视频 Teacher Induction Program is an innovative program that meets the state of California's requirements for clearing a preliminary teaching credential and improves teacher efficacy and retention.

Through the program, teachers build upon the skills and knowledge they acquired in pre-service through individual coaching support, formative assessment tools and processes, and professional development. Read more about the program in the  and the .


Early Completion Option


Guiding Principles

The program's guiding principles include:

  • Induction is a two-year program and process
  • The work of induction is job-embedded
  • Induction is focused on mentoring and support
  • Induction begins in the first year of teaching*
  • the work of induction is based on the candidate’s professional area of focus and interest for growth

*The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) strongly recommends that all teachers begin induction in their first year of teaching. We are able to accommodate teachers who have delayed induction and are enrolling after their first year.

Program Components

Guidance is provided to support candidates with developing trusting relationships with colleagues encouraging collaboration and continuous dialogue. While enrolled in the Teacher Induction Program, candidates will benefit from a wide array of support including, but not limited to, the following:

  • 小蓝视频 Induction Program Mentor
  • 小蓝视频 Induction Program Staff
  • Site Principal/Administration
  • Site Colleagues & Teaching Partners

Formative Assessment

The goal of the Teacher Induction Program is to support beginning teachers in becoming lifelong reflection practitioners. The program’s Individual Induction Learning Plan (IILP) is also a formative assessment system and the teacher determines areas of focus purely for his/her professional growth and is not used in the evaluation process at a school. The IILP includes the following:

  • Vision Document
  • Two Inquiry Cycles that contain a Focal Student Document, Two Assess and/or Design Documents, Reflection Documents, Mentor Observation Document, and System of Support Document

In addition, Education Specialists will complete cycle work related to the IEP process.

Professional Development

Each year, candidates must complete 18 hours of professional development learning that supports their goals. Of this 18-hour requirement, two professional development offerings must come from 小蓝视频. 小蓝视频 offers a wide array of professional learning opportunities throughout the year with a focus in several areas including Effective Classroom Environments, Universal Design for Learning, and Effective Case Management for Education Specialists. Additionally, 小蓝视频 content area coordinators offer professional learning open to teacher induction candidates. Beginning teachers are encouraged to attend these sessions to meet the Teacher Induction Program requirements.


Winnie Hardie

Executive Director, Teacher and Administrator Development

Email: whardie@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5341

Tricia Giovanazzi

Administrative Assistant, Teacher and Administrator Development

Email: tgiovanazzi@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5328