Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a beacon of educational leadership and support in 小蓝视频, inspiring and equipping schools and districts to create transformative learning environments. Through collaboration and a steadfast commitment to research-based equitable practices, we aim to ensure that all students, regardless of background, have the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally in a rapidly changing world. We envision a future where every student’s potential is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated, contributing to a more just and vibrant society.

Services Offered

The Curriculum and Instruction Services Team at the 小蓝视频 offers a comprehensive range of services to support educators, schools, and districts. Here are some of the specific services provided:

  • Curricular and Instructional Technical assistance: Guidance and support in several content areas, including English Language Arts, Multilingual/English Learner Services, History and Social Sciences, Inclusive Education, Mathematics, Science, and Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities for deep, sustained professional development across different content areas for teachers and administrators.
  • District Administrator Meeting Opportunities: Coordinate meetings for district administrators to discuss and plan educational strategies in a variety of areas.
  • Curriculum Framework & Standards Implementation and Adoption Facilitation: Providing support for the development of district adoption committees and facilitation of the adoption process of K-12 curriculum instructional materials.

Content Areas

District Administrator Meetings

Curriculum Framework Development and Adoption

Download a timeline of the California Department of Education's schedule of K-12 curriculum framework development and adoption of K-8 instructional materials.

Gwenn Lei

Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction Services


Phone: (650) 802-5624

Ellen Arenas

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5332

Kylie Carpenter

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5404

Rashami Kaur

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5417