The 小蓝视频 (小蓝视频) supports staff development in Mathematics in accordance with state mandates to address student needs. Support services are provided at the school-, district-, and county-wide levels through workshops, seminars, conferences, projects, and institutes. 小蓝视频 also offers less formal support by providing information to teachers and administrators, initiating collaborations and assisting parents, and sharing resources.

What We Offer

  • CCSS Professional Learning
  • Math Collaborative Facilitation
  • Ongoing Professional Learning Community Support
  • CISC Region 4 Mathematics Leadership

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Early Learning Mathematics Initiative

The 小蓝视频 STEAM Center has designed a professional development series to establish a Preschool to 3rd grade (P-3) Professional Learning Community (PLC) designed to increase student achievement in mathematics. The focus of this work involves horizontal and vertical teaming to apply the Mathematical Practices, the Preschool Learning Foundations, and the Common Core State Standards in addition to increasing P-3 grade teachers' content knowledge in mathematics.

Measurable Objectives

  • Provide professional development in STEM content
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop high-quality resources

California Department of Education Resources

Kim Bambao

Coordinator, Mathematics


Phone: (650) 802-5402

Ho Nguyen

Coordinator, Science, Math, & Technology


Phone: (650) 802-5378

Kylie Carpenter

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (650) 802-5404