Teacher Schedule at Outdoor Education

When schools arrive at Outdoor Education, a naturalist greets the bus and organizes the students to unload the luggage. While the students take a brief orientation hike, the teachers will hand over collected student medication to our Healthcare Specialist.

Then, teachers meet with the Site Director in order to review student cabin lists. During this time, instructors make changes to student cabin assignments (accounting for absent and new students), evaluate combinations of students, note which groups may be most difficult to manage, ensure that homesick students are accompanied by supportive friends, and pair non-English speaking students with cabin mates capable of translation. Additionally, teachers deliver hand carried health forms and cabin leader paperwork to the Site Director. After site handbooks are distributed, teachers' quarters will be determined, and teachers will join the students for lunch in the picnic area.

Activity Meeting Places

  • Buckeye & Garden: Small Campfire (Rainy day: Bandshell)
  • Big Trees and Nature Lab: Shipwreck (Rainy day: Dining hall porch)
  • Earth Dance: Dining hall
  • Ocean Odyssey: Arboretum/Simcock
  • Night Hike: In cabins

Teacher Responsibilities

During Activities

Other Teacher Duties at Outdoor Education

After Hours Support

Although an outdoor education staff member is on-call each night, students and cabin leaders are instructed to report to teachers of any emergencies that arise during the night. In the event of a serious issue, please radio or phone the on-duty staff member immediately.


To ensure students have the best possible week, it is crucial to establish effective communication between teachers, naturalists, and cabin leaders. Please forward any information about your students' health, behavior, and happiness to the Senior Naturalist and Site Director.

Discipline at Outdoor Education

During the week at Outdoor Education, teachers are part of a three-pronged disciplinary team. On trail, the Naturalist is responsible for the discipline and behavior of the trail group. Teachers maintain classroom authority and responsibility for their classes and students. Additionally, cabin leaders manage behavior during cabin and bedtime. This disciplinary team composed of site staff, teachers, and cabin leaders works to monitor students and takes disciplinary action when necessary.

On the trail, teachers can assist the Naturalist by focusing students on the lesson. Misbehavior will likely be addressed by the Naturalist or the student's Cabin Leader, but teachers are always empowered to approach individual students or speak to the group as a whole. As part of the outdoor education team, teachers are encouraged to treat program students as their own. Consequences administered throughout the week are recorded in the discipline logbook in Gyro, the main office. In this way, teachers and staff will be made aware of student behavior and prepared to take the next disciplinary step, if necessary. If a child's behavior requires their removal from the program, the Site Director or Senior Naturalist will confer with teachers. Arrangements for transportation will be made with the school administration and the student's family.

Allison Collins

Directory, Outdoor Education

Email: acollins@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 747-9581

Jonathan Harris

Manager, Outdoor Education

Email: jharris@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 747-0414

Amanda Lee

Administrative Assistant, Outdoor Education Information & Registration

Email: alee@smcoe.org

Phone: (650) 802-5360