The 小蓝视频 secures grant funding from a variety of sources to improve access to inclusive, equitable, and high-quality education for 小蓝视频 districts, schools, students, and communities.

Grants Resources

This page provides grant resources, including grant opportunities and grant development tools to assist in the identification and development of grant proposals.

Are you a funder and/or looking to partner with the County Office of Education for a grant?

Reach out to our Director of Grants, Partnerships and Operations to discuss funding and partnership opportunities.

Grant Opportunities for 小蓝视频 Schools

The is curated for schools and districts serving preschool-aged and TK-12 grade children to provide support around identifying grants that can meet unfunded needs. This list is composed of foundation, corporate, and government grant opportunities.

Additional grant opportunities can be found on the following websites:

Grant Writing Tools and Training

Below are tools and training resources to boost grant writing success for local educational agencies, schools, and community members:

  • (): A curated list of resources for grant writing.
  •  (): A video playlist covering several topics related to grant writing.
  • (): A video playlist on various aspects of the grant writing process.

County Office of Education Grant Professionals Network

The has launched a County Office of Education Grant Professionals Network Subcommittee. to support educational leaders in their quest to develop and manage grants. The subcommittee meets regularly to support communication and collaboration, professional learning, and resources.

Visit the to learn more.

2024 Conference (October 8-9, 2024)

 is open and limited to California County Office of Education staff. Join us in person to engage with other County Office of Education staff, share best practices, and cultivate an extensive collaborative network.

Abby Rovner

Director of Grants, Partnerships and Operations


Phone: (650) 802-5447